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Leonard, Burns & Dell
April 20, 2015
I am vey pleased to be working with three talented ladies, Sue Leonard, Brennagh Burns and Cindy Dell to help them launch and promote their new CD Perfect Strangers. These ladies write beautiful music and sing like angels. I hope you enjoy them.

“Cosmic intervention is the sound of static on the radio dial. For a split second, a door opens, and we are given the chance to meet. Then the station clears and the music returns”.

Hailing from varied musical backgrounds and realms of experience, Leonard, Burns and Dell have come together to rejoice in their mutual love of music. Though they have only been performing together as a group since August of 2014, they have already recorded their debut album (released March 2015) and have plans for so much more! Quickly gaining attention for their sultry, harmony-laden roots and blues music, these three are poised and ready to hit the ground running and share their music with the world. With fans spread across North America, Europe and Asia, and with plans to hit major national and international radio over the coming months, there’s no telling where Leonard, Burns and Dell will be this time next year.  

Sue Leonard is no stranger to the music business. Some highlights from her impressive list of work include two world tours with kd lang as a member of The Reclines, an appearance on lang's album "Ingenue" (background vocals on Constant Craving ), and the chance to appear on several major network talk shows at kd’s side (David Letterman, Jay Leno). In addition to her work with kd, Sue has also appeared on Bon Jovi's "New Jersey" record (Lay Your Hands On Me), performed with Bruce Willis and his band, and performed live at the Grammys on several occasions.  Known for her powerful vocals and sensational song-writing, Sue has released a number of solo albums including “Bend” and “Leonardville”, both of which experienced tremendous success on North American and European radio. Sue relocated from Boise, Idaho to Hamilton, Ontario in 2011. Since then, she has enjoyed re-connecting with old friends and forming new connections within the local music scene.  It was here in Hamilton, at a local song-writing circle, that Sue Leonard and Cindy Dell met, marking the beginning of their journey as a group.  

Cindy Dell has been all over the map musically speaking. With a wealth of experience and creativity at her fingertips, Cindy is an incredibly skilled singer, song-writer and musician. A founding member of the all-girl group Tin Angel, she and the group moved to New York and were signed to Atlantic Records. Their debut album was released internationally and received air-play on nearly every major radio station. Since then, she has continued to write, produce and release several albums as well as perform, both as a solo artist and in a number of musical groups including The Blue Rubies, The Dharlings and Run for the Hills.

Brennagh Burns is the youngest of the three, a relative newcomer when compared to her bandmates, but no less a powerhouse. She is a folk troubadour who has spent the last 8 years performing professionally as both a solo artist, and in bands like The Dharlings, Run For The Hills and Say Goodnight, Gracie!. She has released two solo albums and has played festivals and shared bills with artists such as Sarah Harmer, Derek Miller, Dave Rave and The DoneFors.  She met Cindy back in 2010 when she began to play with The Dharlings of which Cindy was one of the founding members. The two continued to play in various musical groups, and when Cindy and Sue began to play together, Cindy thought Brennagh would make a perfect third for their group. 

They each bring their individual style and tone to the table, but it all feels like one cohesive meal. Meeting as perfect strangers, Leonard, Burns and Dell have become a perfect blend and furthermore, perfect friends. Be sure to keep an ear out for the latest Leonard, Burns and Dell news as well as information about upcoming shows this season.

-Brandon P. General, Independent Music Reviewer & Musician


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