Naomi's Wave Update

November 5, 2014
The Naomi Project dedicated to Naomi Grace Heffler, has stalled on several occassions for a number of unforeseen reasons. If you are unfamiliar with the project you can read about it here or on the Naomi's Wave website.
I have vowed to complete this project, regardless of the obstacles, and to this end, I have set the goal of completing it by the summer of 2015. I finished the image featured at the top of this page recently. It is entitled "Waiting for Naomi". I took it at Forest House. I believe it depeicts the kind of scene that inspired Naomi to love the outdoors so passionately. In working with the image, I wanted to maintain the beauty of the location, while at the same time, attempting to create a sense of lonliness and longing. I imagined the red canoe as being Naomi's, laying on the shoreline, awaiting her return. The wisp of color in the sky, reflected in the water is the spirit of Naomi.
As far as the four songs Sue Leonard and I recorded at Forest House, although I do not consider my self to be the calibre of engineer needed to mix the pieces, the horrible luck we have had with our friends who had originally volunteered to mix, dictates that I take over the duties. So, staye tuned!


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Gillian Pinder - Baby Girl

News from the Studio - September, 2015

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Gillian Pinder - Baby Girl

Gillian Pinder - Shadows

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Gillian Pinder - Baby Girl

Gillian Pinder - Place to Land

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Naomi's Wave

Naomi's Wave - Looking Good!

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