Music for Children

“Any child can be developed, it depends on how you do it”..... Shinichi Suzuki

Children accepted from age three and up. Please read Lesson Descriptions for various levels below for more details.
Zane has had over four decades of experience working with young children, including those with ADD/AHD, autism, Asperger's Syndrome and other handicaps. He is committed to building a strong, positive, productive relationship between himself, his students and their parents.

Level One - Beginners

Eligible Students
Ages three and up with no experience on the piano.
The Role of the Teacher
To treat each child as an individual and teach to their specific developmental abilities and needs; To maintain an open and honest line of communications with the parent and provide guidance towards building a positive practice relationship in the home; To teach to the child, the child's needs, and the child's attention span.
The Role of the Parent
To play an active role with the child at the group lesson and to oversee and take responsibility for practice in the home; To trust in the teacher's assessments and instructions and to follow through on assignments in the home; To maintain an open dialogue with the teacher.
Level One Goals
Concentration; Strong Teacher/Student/Parent Relationship; Listening; Right-Hand Technique; Left-Hand Technique; Hands Together Skills; Note Reading; Ensemble Performance.
Keyboard Theory

Optional but highly recommended, for school-age children, who have begun note reading.

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Lesson fees are about 95% inclusive ( most repertoire, reference materials and exercises are supplied)



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