Music for Adults

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”..... Albert Einstein

When working with the adult student, Zane's approach is to tailor a program specifically for each student. He offers lessons in a variety of genres, (classical, blues, jazz, rock, pop, improvisation), however, he is careful to choose developmental repertoire geared towards building higher skill levels in the student. Ability development is encouraged rather than just playing pieces from a pre-existing "method".
Keyboard Theory: optional but highly recommended.

"My goal for the Adult Student is to get them playing stimulating repertoire as quickly as possible, regardless of their skill level and achieve a positive sense of progress. Therefore, it is vital to quickly design a musical “game plan”, tailored to the specific needs of each student.” ……Zane Hrynewich


From the Saskatoon Talent Education 2016 Newsletter

Keys to Success
Patience …... adults tend to overthink, overdo, and attempt to overachieve. They must recognize playing the piano requires aural, mental and physical skills, each needing time to develop.
Listen …... Learn the way children learn. In order to develop the ear and build the ability to internalize music, adults must resist the tendency to rely on the visual. They should listen to recordings of the music they are learning and use their ears as much as possible. To this end, I supply and assign supplementary listening exercises involving playing along with recorded music.
Repeat …... learning in young children revolves around repetition – doing the same thing over and over again, until it becomes internalized. Adults have the tendency want instant results and often become impatient when much repetition is necessary. The key to learning any new skill?
Take tiny steps…... Recognize that playing the piano involves the development of visual, aural and physical skills. The mastery of one tiny skill at a time leads to larger skills and success. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.
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Lesson fees are about 95% inclusive ( most repertoire, reference materials and exercises are supplied)



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