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"In the 1960s when the recording studio suddenly really took off as a tool, it was the kids from art school who knew how to use it, not the kids from music school. Music students were all stuck in the notion of music as performance, ephemeral. Whereas for art students, music as painting? They knew how to do that"..... Brian Eno


For those interested in Digital Recording, I provide three options:

1. Live Recording/Digital Recording/Mixing/Engineering/Producing – for aspiring recording artists, singers, composers. We record students performing their own compositions, including vocals and instrumental parts. This provides a basic knowledge of live recording techniques. We also have the option to work with a wide variety of digital instrumentation, ranging from drums, to strings, to orchestra, to synthesizers and much more. Once instrument tracks are completed, mixing techniques are introduced. These include equalization, compression, reverb, delays, and exposure to literally hundreds of other plugins designed to produce studio-quality mixes.
2. Mixing/Engineering/Producing – This is for students who do not wish to record their own compositions, but who are interested in the Mixing/Engineering/Producing aspects of recorded music production. We use pre-recorded vocal and instrumental tracks as a starting point to build a unique mix. Students learn mixing techniques, including panning, automation, equalization, compression, reverb, and digital effects. They may also choose to add digital instrumentation as well as experiment with other production techniques.
3. Electronic Music – Students work with a multitude of state-of-the-art in-house electronic instruments, synthesizers and samplers top build their own electronic sounds. They learn about electronic sound creation and manipulation, as well as mixing, engineering, and production basics.

Additional Information

  • To provide an adequate amount of time to each student enrolled in Digital Recording, I limit the amount of Digital Recording students each year to five.
  • In the past, I have worked with students as pre-preparation for media school, others intending to enroll in post-secondary sound production programs, and still others looking to release Demo Cd’s and EP’s.
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