Gillian Pinder's First Solo Concert

August 8, 2014
I began teaching Gillie (that's what I call her), when she was eight years old. Her original "Traditional" teacher had advised Gillian's mother to take her daughter out of piano lessons, because she had no musical potential. My blood boils when I am told of such rediculous, arrogant actions. Who has the ability to judge what potential a young child has in any activity? Granted, some naturally gifted children will stand out, but, on the whole, it is impossible to foresee where the development of any ability will take someone. In my experience, a statement such as this is often an indication of the teacher's incompetance and insecurity when confronted with a student who is "out of the mold".
Gillian's mother decided to give it one more shot and they registered with me.
Gillian wasn't a difficult child, and she certainly wasn't an untalented child. She was an unfocussed child, who had problems sitting still. This was her personality - vibrant, energetic, spontaneous, and plain old "bubbly" - all indicators of creativity. We spent the first couple of years of her piano study working on focus and concentration - on posture and control of the body - on listening and creating good sound.
As Gillian's ability to focus increased, so did the quality of what she was playing for me at the lesson. She easily mastered any repertoire I assigned, began imporovising fluently and effortlessly and shortly thereafter, began composing her own music. The rest is history.
In 2011, Gillian and I began recording together in my little digital recording studio. She had just turned seventeen. We laid down eight of her original songs, some written at a much earlier age, and produced an EP, entiltled "Demos". Since, Gillian has continued composing and developing her sound, while also studying engineering at the University of Saskatchewan, as well as playing soccer for the University of Saskatchewan Girls Soccer Team - making her one busy lady.
This summer, Gillian converted an old shed into a recording studio on her boyfriend's farm, in southern Saskatchewan and began recording tracks for a collection of new songs. I am happy to say I will be helping Gillian out with the mixing and production.


Gillian Pinder Live!

Gillian Pinder Live
Gillian PinderOn August 5, 2014, Gillian took a major step in her musical career. She performed her first solo concert at Village Guitar & Amp Company's Concert Venue in Saskatoon. It was a magical evening! Gillian did two full sets of her originals, accompanying herself on piano and guitar, to a packed house. Completely relaxed and at home on a funky, "down-home" stage setting designed by her, (her digital keyboard enclosed in a rustic case, built from a chopped up acoustic upright piano covered in wallpaper, an old, majestic, but slightly-weathered arm chair, and a collection of very cool old suitcases) Gillian proceeded to inspire us, entertain us, and easily manipulate our emotions with her beautiful music.
I had watched Gillian grow up, performing for me in my studio - She always shone at my Student Recitals - I had enjoyed performing with her, from time to time - but, I had no idea what a natural, truly gifted performer this young lady really is. I know my opinion could be regarded as somewhat biased, but musician friends seeing Gillian for the first time, left in awe. Congratulations, Gillian! You are one amazing lady!

Listen to Gillian

Artist Name - Artist Title
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1. Seventeen (G. Pinder 2011)
Gillian Pinder: vocals & piano; Kelly Cerkowniak: background vocals; Z. Hrynewich: other instruments

2. Here Tonight (G. Pinder 2008)
Gillian Pinder: vocals & guitar; Kelly Cerkowniak: background vocals; Z. Hrynewich: other instruments

3. Faces (G. Pinder 2009)
Gillian Pinder: vocals & piano; Z. Hrynewich: strings

4. Not a Love Song (G. Pinder 2010)
Gillian Pinder: vocals; Gary Zdunich: guitar; Z. Hrynewich: other instruments

5. Someday (G. Pinder 2011)
Gillian Pinder: vocals & guitar

6. Through These Eyes (G. Pinder/Z. Hrynewich 2011)
Gillian Pinder: vocals; Z. Hrynewich: piano

7. Fade to Grey (G. Pinder 2006)
Gillian Pinder: vocals; Z. Hrynewich: other instruments

8. Coming Home (G .Pinder 2012)
Gillian Pinder: vocals; Kelly Cerkowniak: background vocals; Zane Hrynewich: instruments

Produced by: Zane Hrynewich
Mastered by: Orest Hrynewich
Photos by: Cindy Moleski


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