Gillian Pinder - My Dream

Gillian Pinder - My Dream
October 31, 2014
Gillian PinderIt's always great seeing Gillian Pinder. We have known each other for around twelve years and I feel as if we have a special bond together. Part of this bond stems from the fact I was her piano teacher for many years, amazed by her musical gifts, but I think the largest factor is my respect for her as a person, musician and lyricist. I have always be enthralled by the way Gillian is able to weave and spin her words into a magical musical tapestry. She is subtle, profound, witty, sensitive and always transparently honest..... admirable traits for a lady so fresh and so young.
Gillian and I spent some time together recently to map out a course of action for her to release recordings of new songs. Gill had spent the summer of 2014 living with her boyfriend and her parents on their farm in southern Saskatchewan. Here, she had converted an old cow shed into a makeshift studio and had recorded tracks (her first attempt), for several songs. They were great songs, so I was very excited about participating in the project. We decided we would work at it, as our schedules allowed (Gillian's in second year engineering at the U of S.).
The first track Gill provided was "My Dream"..... just her, her guitar, a little percussion on the body of her guitar, and some inadvertent background vocals from a choir of frogs. It is simple, rootsy and blatantly sincere.... Gillian Pinder at her best.
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